How to come to Yamagata from Haneda Airport

1. Haneda Airport to Shinagawa

See the website of Haneda airport: (click here) to get the general idea. One can go to Shinagawa with just one ride. The red line on the above webpage, which stands for KEIKYU line, is the one for you. It takes less than 20 minutes. Despite how the picture seems, Shinagawa station is not a terminal. See also the website of the train company: (click here).

Some tips for local trains

2. Shinagawa to Tokyo

Just take Yamanote line (or Keihin-Tohoku line) and it takes a bit more than 10 mins. Yamanote line is very useful because it runs circularity in Tokyo. One can go to important places with it: (click here).

3. Tokyo to Yamagata with SHINKANSEN (high-speed train)

First, you should look into the following page: (click here). Importantly, notice that the carriage number runs from 11 to 17. This is because the 1-10 carriages have another final distination. All of the carriages go to Fukushima together, but they split into two groups there, and one goes to Yamagata and the other Sendai. So, be careful when you get onto the train because you cannot transfer between the 10th and the 11th inside the train.
Second, the timetable is found here: (click here). You will take "TSUBASA", which is the nickname for SHINKANSEN for Yamagata. Despite its meaning being "wing" it slows down after Yenezawa, and becomes like a local train. By the way, although the official timetable says (as of December 2016) that the one at 10:00 is not regular, I believe that it is, judging from the Japanese page: (click here).

Some tips for SHINKANSEN

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